What are the benefits of user generated content in corporate training?

Even the Luddites among us will know the principles of User Generated Content (UGC). If you’re an Instagrammer, YouTuber or TikToker, then UGC is at the heart of those platforms. But is there a place for UGC in something as formal or structured as corporate training? And how can you leverage such content? In the first of two blogs, we look at the benefits of incorporating user-generated content into your training.

What does it take to build an effective eLearning experience?

You’ve decided that eLearning is the best way to upskill your workforce, onboard new starters or cross-train employees to fill in labour gaps, but where do you start? Or perhaps you already have a Learning Management System (LMS) but staff aren’t engaged or uptake is low with few completing the training. What can be done to turn it around?

Does your training data prove ROI?

Training is a business must-have but it can become a ‘tick box’ exercise where improvement is assumed and a successful outcome is believed to be a given. You expect to gain improved skills and productivity, greater retention rates, and an improved brand. But success rests on knowing what outcomes are expected from the outset to demonstrate success further down the line.

Top 10 must-have LMS features

Let’s say you’ve been tasked with implementing a new eLearning system for your company or organisation. That adage about failing to plan, plan to fail comes into play here.