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Elearning Services

If you choose to create your own in-house elearning platform, we can provide development services, on a daily or project basis, to help you make your projects a success. We can help with elearning design, templates and training on the authoring tools, graphic design, animations, 3d modelsaudio and video production or just provide extra resources on or off site to help you get the job done.

We can effectively become part of your development team, providing you with specialist elearning services as and when you need them.
elearning services


Graphic Design

Elearning is a visual experience and so the user interface, typography, use of colour, imagery, layout, navigation and complete user experience is determined by the graphical style. Let our graphical skills take your in-house learning up a notch.


We are prolific Storyline and Captivate users so if you need to 'resource-up' to meet a project deadline, require technical help for some of trickier interactions or you require some project templates to make your authoring more consistent and efficient, then let us lend a hand!

Animation / Illustration / 3D

Illustrated animations are an excellent way of demonstrating processes, showing relationships beweens elements and also creating engaging presentations and infomercials. 3d models go a step further in creating realistic interpretations of objects that can be explored by the learner.

We can produce and provide these in any format to suit your production.

Audio and Video

We use audio and video whenever possible in our programmes as we believe media-rich content is key to user engagement and knowledge recall.

We have a number of voice-over artists on our books and can provide high-quality edited audio for your productions. We have a number of video partners that we use for different types of productions, from simple 'piece to camera' shots, to voiced demos or more creative site video and can write and produce video to enhance your in-house programmes.

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