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Putting new knowledge into practice can be one of the best ways to learn but traditional learning methods, be that in person or elearning platforms, rarely actively support this way of learning.

That’s where TalentCards, part of the TalentLMS product suite, is different.

TalentCards is a mobile learning platform, accessible via a smartphone app for learning on-the-go and on-the-job, particularly useful for deskless workers such as retail, warehouse and hospitality.

Training can be delivered regularly, even daily, in bite-sized chunks to deliver new learning and repeat topics at intervals to ensure product and service knowledge is never forgotten.


Perfect for the retail sector where leaving the cash register unmanned, unstocked shelves or a lack of customer services is a no-no, mobile training means staff can pick up the latest training on their phone via the app, and literally five minutes later they’re back on the shop floor. Training can be slotted into a rest break or a quiet time, it really is that flexible.

No interruption to daily schedules

Offer your staff a mobile learning opportunity for short bursts of training slotted into their normal daily work routine. No need to schedule cover or leave posts unattended for formal training; with TalentCards mobile training solutions, it’s fast and it’s fun!

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Pocket-friendly product, customer service skills or safety knowledge on tap. Click the app and simply pick up from where they left off last time.


Micro-learning turns training into a daily habit, gaining new skills and regularly refreshing skills for higher productivity in the workplace.


Spaced repetition of skills to fill knowledge gaps will help staff master and retain their learning.


Send mobile push notifications to share new training courses and issue reminders instantly.

Find out how to use TalentCards to build bespoke mobile training


Create a card set

1. Create a card set

Take only your most important content and distil it down to fit the concise space on a single or double-sided card to encourage bite-size microlearning.

Add users

2. Add users to TalentCards

Quickly add users who will be able to administrate, add content, share and track training to measure uptake and effectiveness. Think department heads, subject matter experts, managers and supervisors.

Share your card sets with staff

3. Share your card sets with staff

Ask staff to download the TalentCards app and enter their unique access code for their personalised bite-sized training. Share your training via the app with all staff, regardless of location or time zone.

The power of AI


Generating new learning content needn’t be a headache. Let TalentCards AI help you generate nuggets of content in minutes.

Simply enter the topic and AI will generate unique and engaging content, and no two cards you generate will ever be the same!

  • Short, engaging content written just for you
  • Complementary images are generated automatically
  • And laid onto flashcards to build a microlearning course in minutes.

If you already have content written, simply upload it into TalentCards and AI will generate images based on the text supplied. Could it be any simpler?!

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If your retail or hospitality business values training that goes where your people go in bite-sized chunks and is available 24/7, contact us to find out more.

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