Unlocking Growth for Training Companies and Consultancies:

There are approximately 15,000 SME Training businesses and consultancies in the UK, which play a pivotal role in enhancing organisations’ workforce capabilities in a wide range of subjects and skills. Whether it’s Health and Safety, Leadership, Retail, EDI, Recruitment, Compliance, Wellbeing, or any other specialism, these businesses often face the same key challenges: meeting demand and being able to scale their business.

Digital learning can help overcome these challenges and unlock business growth by allowing SME businesses to scale up, reach new audiences, and increase their revenue. Transforming face-to-face workshops into digital learning content allows subject matter experts to share their knowledge and training skills with an unlimited audience without the constraints of resources to manage and deliver the training.

What is digital learning?

Online modules comprising text, imagery, video, audio, animation and other media are designed in interactive formats with case studies, quizzes, games, reflections, and tasks and are accessible in formats that work across different devices, delivered via platforms that manage, track and report on learners’ progress.

What are the benefits to an SME business?

Aside from scaling its business and revenue, other benefits to an SME business include building brand identity, showcasing expertise, generating tangible IP within the business, creating reseller opportunities, and opening up new markets at home and abroad.

What’s involved?

Transforming a traditional training or consultancy business into a digital learning business involves lots of elements. It requires expertise in instructional design, script writing, media editing, visual design, UX, authoring, technical development, learning platforms, and user engagement—not necessarily skillsets that an existing team will have.

So commissioning an experienced elearning agency that has all the skills, knowledge and expertise required to design, develop and deliver a digital learning project, means that the business can be sure their project will be a success while they focus on what they know best – running their business!


Commissioning a bespoke eLearning programme from a trusted partner empowers SME training companies and consultancies. It transforms subject expertise into a valuable asset, drives revenue, and enables them to scale at speed. As the business landscape evolves, embracing digital Learning is a strategic move toward sustainable growth.

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