So you have your LMS in place, you have great content, your learners are taking the courses and now you need to understand the impact of the learning investment.

Many LMS's have built in reporting and data export facilities, and although you can get your data out it's invariably not in a user friendly or intuitive format. Often it's as a CSV data dump and once exported it then needs to be manipulated in Excel to make it useful and informative to your stakeholders - department managers, health and safety auditors, the compliance team or the board.

Learning BI is a reporting service from Knowledgefront that can help you make sense of your learningdata. Depending on your requirements, we can help design reports, create Excel templates to help simplify the process or use our own online platform to generate sophisticated interactive dashboards and reports.

Let us help make sense of your training data.


Sample Learning BI Dashboard

Sample Learning BI Dashboard

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